What’s my goal here?

As an effort to reach out and meet other paleo/primal/SCD followers, I am taking it upon myself to start this blog. I also look at it as a means for my friends and family to follow my recipes and see what I’m whipping up in the kitchen for myself and my partner, Jesse. Stay tuned for many great recipes, reviews, recommendations, photos, etc.

On a side-note, I just found out today that the West Coast’s first 100% paleo food cart, Cultured Caveman, is opening here in Portland next week, May 31! Major score for Portland! To be honest, I can’t believe something like this didn’t happen sooner. It’s only a matter of time though before other Paleo restaurants and products start showing up in Portland and on the West Coast for that matter. Ultimately, I want in on this too. I make so much delicious, healthful food … folks seriously wouldn’t be able to turn it down!


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