My food today

On Mondays, I always start the day with a big breakfast. It’s the only day during the week that I get to eat breakfast at home, since Tuesday through Friday I go to yoga for 6 a.m. and then have a small window to clean up, change, ride to work and shovel my breakfast in at my desk (I know, less than desirable). So on Mondays, I like to get up early, take my time and cook something up while streaming The Dick Van Dyke Show on my computer. There’s something about old sitcoms that are very comforting to me. I think a lot of it is nostalgia, but there’s something else too … a simpler time maybe? Anyway, today my breakfast was green tea, two fried eggs with kale mixed in, 1/4 of an avocado, banana with coconut manna (butter) spread on top and two small slices of my homemade grain-free bread. I admit, I had an extra little sliver of bread. It’s so good, I couldn’t resist. Besides, the slices are very tiny. I do eat butter, so I had a little smear on top, but on my third slice, I used the coconut manna (this stuff is heaven!). I’m not really a snacker, so my next meal wasn’t until lunchtime. Today it consisted of leftover butter chicken on top of steamed kale and an unsweetened applesauce cup. Butter chicken is one of my (and Jesse’s) latest addictions. I pretty much follow the Everyday Paleo Better Butter Chicken recipe straight up, but often make it just with chicken breast or a combination of breast and thigh meat. I don’t usually use any fenugreek either because I don’t have it in the ground form and have had trouble trying to grind it at home. I also put just enough ghee in at the end for my liking, which is probably about half the amount the recipe calls for, give or take (I find that it’s plenty). This meal is fantastic on top of a bed of steamed kale, but it’s even good on top of steamed broccoli. Jesse and I did that one night with the leftovers when we were out of kale.

After work, I rode over to Recreate Fitness for a strength and power cross-training class, like I usually do on Mondays. Afterward, I almost always eat leftovers for dinner if there’s something available, but that was not the case today. Therefore, I whipped up something quick because I was quite hungry after the challenging workout. I had two fried eggs, two chicken breakfast sausages, 1/4 of an avocado and some steamed broccoli. After dinner, I had a dish of leftover banana pudding that I made during the weekend. Made with coconut milk, ripe bananas and a few other ingredients, this stuff is delicious, but definitely a treat! I put a few spoonfuls of my homemade 24-hour yogurt on top, along with some cinnamon. Yes, I do eat yogurt, but only the 24-hour stuff that I make.




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