Cultured Caveman Grand Opening!

Tomorrow’s the big day y’all … the West Coast’s first 100% Paleo-friendly food cart, Cultured Caveman opens! I know I mentioned this in my very first post, but I am beyond excited! Jesse and I are riding bikes there and checking it out tomorrow evening for dinner. There’ll be many other folks from two different Portland Paleo Meetup groups (Portland Paleo Project and Portland Paleo) in attendance as well. It’ll be nice to meet others leading a Paleo lifestyle, along with the brains behind the cart, Joe and Heather. Oh, and I’ll be eating here on Saturday for lunch again with Jesse and my pal, Janelle. Can’t wait! I already know I’m getting the Paleo chicken tenders and kale salad. I’ll be sure to post some pictures … both times around!


One thought on “Cultured Caveman Grand Opening!

  1. paleosisters May 31, 2012 / 8:45 pm

    Well, I (Rachel) am very much looking forward to your review of cultured caveman!

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