Review #1 – Cultured Caveman

Well, Jesse and I made it up to Cultured Caveman tonight to check it out and get a taste of their good eats. I had the pleasure of meeting one of the owners, Joe Ban, but his sidekick, Heather Hunter, wasn’t around at the moment. First off, what a super friendly and grateful guy! He was very welcoming and had a big smile on his face (rightfully so). I introduced myself and chatted with him briefly about collaborating (in regards to various Paleo treats I like to make). We exchanged info and plan to meet for coffee or tea sometime soon to talk further. I am extremely stoked about this potential opportunity and really proud of myself for making the introduction and putting the idea out there. Please know, as an introvert, this is tough for me to do.

Anyway, the full menu wasn’t available yet, but lucky for me, the two things that I wanted to try were ready tonight. I ordered the ginger carrot kale salad and Paleo chicken tenders, and Jesse actually ordered the same thing, along with a coconut water. The salad has both orange and purple carrots in it and comes with a light lemon dressing. It’s very crisp and refreshing, with a nice amount of crunch. The chicken tenders were piping hot, crispy and so flavorful. They are served with some sort of aioli, which is a really nice complement to the flavors of the chicken. Speaking of the chicken flavors, it’s truly like no other. I think the credit goes to the 100% grass-fed beef tallow it’s fried in. The breading, made of coconut flour, salt and white pepper is nice and light too. The entire product is damn good!

Now, I mention that the chicken is fried in beef tallow and if you know me or read my ‘About’ section, you know that I do not eat beef (at least not yet), but have had urges. I actually haven’t consumed anything beef or red meat in over 10 years, so this is kind of a big deal for me. Maybe it’s my transition into eating some grass-fed beef. See, my thing is, my heart kind of melts when I see cows and I feel a lot of sympathy and compassion for them. Why? Well, they have those big, sad eyes that just suck me in and they are pretty darn cute too. I’m a total softie, what can I say? I guess I have to focus on the benefits and what the animal passes on to me, so long as it’s coming from a good source (I wouldn’t have it any other way though). As a former vegetarian, I never thought I’d say that. I guess I’ve come a long way.

I can’t wait to go back to the cart on Saturday with Jesse and my friend, Janelle. Hopefully, it won’t be so chaotic this time. There were tons of people tonight because of it being Last Thursday on Alberta Street. More pics to come with round two!

Over and out,



3 thoughts on “Review #1 – Cultured Caveman

  1. Kristen Bridge June 1, 2012 / 5:00 am

    That is cool Alisa! The salad looks yummy! Proof that simple and fresh can come from outside your kitchen and eating healthy out and about is possible. I want a food cart/truck so bad! :}

  2. Heather Hunter June 1, 2012 / 12:35 pm

    Hey Alisa! Heather here from Cultured Caveman. Sorry I wasn’t there to meet up yesterday, I had to tap out at 3 after a ridiculously awful oil burn. Long story, but the lesson is that you should never move a deep fryer while it’s in use.

    So so happy you liked everything! Cannot wait to meet you next time.

    • paleoinportland June 1, 2012 / 4:06 pm

      Hey Heather! Thanks for checking out my blog. I hope your burn is doing better … ouch! I was wondering where you were yesterday evening, but that explains it. I’ll be coming by tomorrow for lunch, so maybe I will see you then? I’m bringing some homemade Paleo treats for you and Joe to sample.

      I look forward to meeting you and tasting more of your delicious food! Hope day two is going well.

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