Round #2 at Cultured Caveman

What another fantastic experience at Cultured Caveman today! Jesse and I rode bikes there and met my friend, Janelle, along with two of her pals for lunch. I was happy to see that she brought friends. It’s all about spreading the good word!

This time, Jesse got the grass-fed beef cheeks, which are pressure-cooked with New Mexican chiles and cocoa, and served with purple cabbage. It’s topped off with nori and jicama slices. He said that it was quite tasty and gobbled it right up.

As for me, I actually got the chicken tenders and kale salad again, along with a coconut water. I was going to try the bone broth today, but due to popular demand, it was sold out. It’s good to know that business is going well and I’ll be sure to try it the next time around.

The chicken was just as tasty as the first time. Within my first couple bites, I had meat juices and/or tallow running down my chin (Can’t you just picture it? Yum). It was great and I love, love, love the aioli. Just be sure to have napkins handy when eating these suckers. The kale salad and coconut water tasted extra refreshing, as it was a bit muggy out today. It was great to eat good food in such pleasant company too.

Something else worth mentioning is that I brought Joe and Heather some of my homemade Paleo treats to sample. Yes, I got to meet Heather this time and she’s just as friendly and wonderful as Joe. What a great team! Anyway, I brought date/nut/coconut balls, frozen layered nut bars (that softened a tad), and pecan/almond bars with date ‘caramel’ (unfortunately, these weren’t  in their best form, as I accidentally added too much almond flour, so the bottom was more cake-like and dry). Guess what? They enjoyed everything and at least one, but maybe two of the things are going to be featured at the cart! We spoke about some of the details, but still need to chat more and finalize everything. I’ll get to create my goodies right there in the cart and while I’m at it, possibly help with some other food prep. Fun, right?! I am beyond excited. This is happening at such a good time too!

Oh, one other thing … Janelle was super happy because I also brought her a little container of some treats too, which she shared with her friends. I forgot to get any pictures of them … my bad. Good eats and good times all around though.


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