Finally … Bacon I Can Eat!

I have long been searching for nitrate-free turkey or beef bacon that either does not contain sugar or is made with honey. I’ve come across many kinds and brands and a lot of pork bacon, but everything has sugar, whether it’s evaporated cane juice, turbinado sugar, raw sugar, maple syrup or molasses. I continue to look every time I’m in Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s or the Alberta Co-op, even though I know I’ve checked all the brands religiously. Wishful thinking to say the least. Granted, I have found bacon that will suit my needs online via US Wellness Meats, but you have to order a certain dollar amount or weight and still have to pay quite a bit for shipping. The company does offer tons of high-quality, grass-fed, pasture-raised, humane meats, but it’s hard for me to spend that much money up front and I feel like I can find just as good or better prices locally (on high-qualtiy meats). It’s really great for people who don’t have access to grass-fed, humanely raised meats.

Anyway, while perusing New Seasons lately, which I rarely shop at because there isn’t one conveniently located nearby (though there will be a year or so from now!), I was picking up a pack of my favorite Applegate Naturals chicken apple breakfast sausages, when I saw it right there in front of me … Organic Prairie turkey bacon. Nitrate-free, of course, appropriate ingredients and honey instead of the sugars previously mentioned. It’s also low in sodium. It seriously felt like a heavenly ‘ta da’ moment and I swear there was a beam of light shining down on the bacon.

Organic Prairie Turkey Bacon
Ta da … Organic Prairie Turkey Bacon.

Finding this opened so many more possibilities and tastes for me, including the classic BLT, but paleofied and with a chicken breast. Oh, and avocado too because avocado just makes everything better. I filled a large lettuce leaf (green leaf) with two bacon strips, a pan fried (thinner) chicken breast seasoned with salt and pepper, avocado and tomato slices. Some cucumber would’ve been nice in there too, but I didn’t have any on hand. It didn’t matter though … it was plenty good without it. It was juicy, messy, crunchy, savory and smokey (thanks to the bacon). Eating bacon with my fried eggs and avocado the following morning was just as wonderful an experience.

I need more of this bacon in my life. It makes me so damn happy.

Chicken BLTA and asparagus.
Chicken BLTA and asparagus.
Chicken BLT
Up close and personal with my chicken BLTA.

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