You Are What You Eat, Eats

Cows in the Mist
Cows in the Mist (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As you probably know by now, eating grass-fed and pasture raised animals that are fed their natural diet is much more humane and healthier than consuming grain-fed and industrialized meat. The meat is more nutrient-dense, flavorful and leaner, and is void of toxins, hormones and antibiotics. As you can see, the benefits of the animal’s natural diet is passed on to you and contributes to your health as well. Why not do what’s best for both you and the animal, and support the farmers that are doing things naturally and right?

When buying meat, look for terms like grass-finished or grass-fed, pastured, certified organic, hormone-and-antibiotic-free, and wild-caught. If you don’t see such terms, assume that your meat, seafood or eggs were industrially raised.

The chart below illustrates some of the main differences between grass and grain-fed meat, but for further information and more specifics, please read the following articles, which can explain things much clearer and in more detail than I can:

What About Grass-Fed Beef?

Grass-fed vs. Grain-fed – what’s the difference and is it a deal breaker?

The Health Benefits of Grass Farming

Grass is Greener: Buy Healthy Meat

Additionally, it’s important to understand the differences in cooking grass-fed versus grain-fed meat. It cooks up much quicker and can easily be overcooked if you’re not careful. With meat like grass-fed bison, you do not want to salt the meat at all while it’s cooking, otherwise it will toughen up quite a bit. For more information on cooking grass-fed meat, please visit

Grass-fed vs. Grain-fed


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