Leaving on a Jet Plane …

Map of Alpena, MI
Map of Alpena, MI (Photo Credit: townmapsusa.com)

Yes, that’s right, tonight Jesse and I are flying out on a red-eye to our homeland of Michigan (aka the mitten). It’s always exhausting traveling home because the flight time takes over four hours (without layovers), and then there’s another four hours of driving to our hometown of Alpena after landing in Detroit. Regardless, the trip is always worth it and we’re always happy to go home for a visit, especially in the summertime. Summertime in Northern Michigan is where it’s at! Alpena is right on Lake Huron and there’s a couple of small inland lakes nearby as well. The weather gets hot and humid, but with quick access to water and friends that have boats, it’s all good. You know what else is cool? Alpena is on the 45th parallel, just like Portland!

English: 45th Parallel marker along highway US...
English: 45th Parallel marker along highway US-23, just south of Alpena, Michigan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Because I’m from (and Jesse too) a very small town, one of the hardest things when I go back is my food options. I don’t have too many options for high-quality meats and eggs and the produce choices are not as abundant as in Portland. It’s even hard to find good quality green or earl grey tea! It’s not like out here where I can easily find these things in my neighborhood Whole Foods (no Whole Foods in Alpena). I was thrilled to find out though that my mom found a local source for grass-fed beef, which is sold at the farmer’s market. Hoorah! I’m also extremely happy to hear that my mom is now buying grass-fed beef for her and my dad. I hope there’s still farmers at the farmer’s market that sell pastured eggs because that’s probably the only place to find them back home. If I can’t find pastured, I know there’s some organic choices at the grocery store. I’ll be sure to do a post about some of my finds while I’m home.

So, as you can probably guess, I like to pack some of my own goods when I travel back home. In the past it’s been as simple as a batch of blueberry almond four muffins, Larabars, homemade pecan butter and tea, but this time it’ll be a little bit different. I don’t need anything to eat on the plane since it’ll be nighttime, but it’ll nice to have some options for the car ride and in general. This time around, I’m packing:

Primal Pacs
Primal pacs from primalpacs.com (so long as they arrive by today!). Included in each pack is grass-fed beef jerky (no soy, sugars, etc.), unsweetened dried mango, marcona almonds, roasted salted macadamia nuts and dried cranberries (sweetened with apple juice). This will be my first time trying these out and I’m so excited!
Coconut cream concentrate (aka coconut butter)
Coconut cream concentrate (aka coconut butter). I opt for this brand because it weighs less since it comes in a box rather than a glass jar. I’ll probably bring two of these with me.
Larabars. These are a nice snack option when traveling and even pair well with deli turkey slices, not that I’m packing those or anything. The bars consist only of unsweetened dried fruit, nuts and spices — no preservatives, added sugars, gluten/grains, dairy or soy. My go-to Larabar flavors are coconut cream pie, pecan pie and cashew cookie. Sometimes I’ll buy the cherry pie, blueberry muffin, orange float or pineapple upside-down cake too. Coconut cream pie is my number one though!
Grass-fed beef pemmican sticks from US Wellness Meats.
Grass-fed beef pemmican sticks from US Wellness Meats. Pemmican is a combo of jerky, tallow and sea salt.
Aguacate / Avocado
(Photo credit: Wikipedia) A single avocado because it will go bad if I leave it at home, and that’d be a pity!
Stash green tea
Stash green tea because like I said, it’s hard to find good quality tea at home. Lipton just doesn’t cut it and tastes kinda gross to me. Smith Teas are my all time favorite, but they’re a bit pricey.

Also to note, I’m going to do my best to post  five days a week like I normally do, but in reality, it may be more like three or four times per week. I want to take advantage of my time at home since I don’t know when I’ll be back next. There’ll be lots of time spent with family and friends, and plenty of swimming, cooking and outdoor workouts!


5 thoughts on “Leaving on a Jet Plane …

  1. Kristen Bridge August 8, 2012 / 9:06 am

    Where is the beef from? We got a cow from Bloom Farms with my family, I have not asked my self but I’m pretty sure a majority of it’s diet is grass. It’s delicious and right near my in laws place so I see the cows every time I drive by and they are enjoying the fresh air and field. 🙂 How long are you in town? We’re heading up there this weekend as well…you’re welcome to come enjoy a pontoon ride with us!

  2. paleoinportland August 8, 2012 / 9:11 am

    My mom said it’s from a farm in Harrisville, but I don’t know the name of the farm. She said they have both grass and grain-fed (I guess the grain-fed was due to a shortage of crops or something). Does Bloom Farms sell at the farmer’s market at all? If so, I’ll have to look into it. I’m in town through the 20th. A pontoon ride would be awesome! I think I’ll already be out at the lake with some friends on Sunday, but maybe Saturday if it’s nice. It’d be so good to see you and we obviously have a lot in common! I’ll send you a Facebook message with my number 😉

  3. girlmeetspaleo August 8, 2012 / 11:06 am

    Homemade pecan butter? YUM!! have a great trip 🙂 !

    • paleoinportland August 8, 2012 / 11:30 am

      Yep, it’s so good! Just blend raw pecans in the food processor until creamy or you can stop when it’s a bit thicker, but it’s not as smooth that way.

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