Thanksgiving Gratitude

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Happy Thanksgiving to YOU — all my readers and followers! I am grateful for each and every one of you, and please know that my blog wouldn’t be much fun without you. Additionally, I am thankful for so many things in my life and feel so blessed. My list could go on and on, especially when it comes down to the little things, but I narrowed it down and picked several of the biggies. Here are some things I’m especially grateful for:

  • My family. I am fortunate to have a tight-knit group of relatives, and I love them all so much. I especially miss them around the holidays, when I’m not able to be in Michigan. It will be hard this year, as it’s the first Thanksgiving and holiday season without Grandma Reilly. I miss her everyday … a lot.
I didn’t have access to a full family shot, but this is my immediate family and was taken this past summer.
  • Jesse. Not only is he extremely handsome (bonus, right?!), he’s supportive, takes good care of me and believes in me. Even when we argue like an old married couple, I can’t help but eventually crack a smile (which isn’t the intention when I’m trying to be upset or angry!) and then it’s all over. He shows his love for me every single day. Another bonus? He likes to vacuum and is anal about cleaning the kitty litter box, so I rarely have to.
This picture is a little old, but he still looks the same (except with longer hair and a beard now — his winter hair trend). I chose this picture because I know Jesse approves and likes it.
  • My health. I’m thankful to be in the condition that I am, so that I can physically and mentally do the things I want to do. I’m grateful to have the knowledge and know how to properly nourish and heal my body. I’m grateful to have the capability to create optimal health for myself.
I’m grateful for my yoga practice and the fact that I’m able to move freely in my body. Also, I love my yoga community and friends.
I’m grateful that my good health allows me to do things like this and sustain myself through difficult workouts. I’m also grateful to work at an awesome functional fitness facility, Recreate Fitness.
  • Getting laid off. I was miserable at my former job (laid off June of this year) and not because of the people or the company, but because of the role itself and the fact that I was in the wrong place and on the wrong path. It was not for me and I knew it from day one, but tried to tell myself otherwise, but I couldn’t fake it forever. I was unhappy and stressed over it. The day I got laid off, it felt like a ton of bricks were lifted off my shoulders. I left the company smiling, the sun was out and I called Jesse and my family with an elated tone in my voice. Afterward, so many opportunities fell into my lap and doors kept opening. In addition, I had already been accepted into the fitness technology program at PCC, so things were already lining up before I even got the boot. I am eternally grateful for that day and moment, but do not regret or look back on my time spent at that job. Good things definitely came out of it and I wouldn’t currently be doing freelance writing if it weren’t for that job.
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  • The plethora of good food in the Pacific NW. I have access to so much high-qualtiy produce, meat, eggs, etc. and often take it for granted. I am so fortunate, spoiled and lucky to be well fed. It’s a blessing to live where I do.
Portland farmer’s market. (Photo credit:
  • Today and now. Every day is a blessing and a new opportunity. I’m grateful for each and every day I get on this Earth. I’m fortunate to be living the life I’m living and many days, I’m so touched and grateful for everything I’ve been given and worked for, that I cry or feel like I need to pinch myself. This is real life.

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2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Gratitude

  1. Corrie Anne November 22, 2012 / 8:48 pm

    I love it. Glad you’re thankful you got laid off! That’s so cool. I guess, in the same way, I’m grateful I didn’t get a job!! Working from home for myself has been amazing! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. paleoinpdx November 22, 2012 / 10:13 pm

    Thanks, happy Thanksgiving to you too! Yep, things definitely happen for a reason — I’m a strong believer in that. Sounds like we’re both where we are supposed to be at this point in our lives. Cheers to that!

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