Tuesday Reflections

A Reflection of Hope
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Tuesdays (and Thursdays, for that matter) are crazy busy days for me. They get so hectic, that I often only think about what I need to do next, and don’t always appreciate each moment for what is is. I get wrapped up in my head, and gradually check each thing off of my mental checklist as I move through my day. Usually, I’m just anxious for the end of the day to come. Not ideal, I know, but I’m totally guilty. As a way for me to truly appreciate my Tuesdays, I compiled a list of the things I’m grateful for on these days. It made me realize just how juicy these days really are, even if I feel like I’m always jumping from one thing to the next.

  1. A leisurely, early morning before going to school for 8 a.m. Some days, I go to yoga beforehand, but I have to be packed and ready to go, food and all, the night before. Reason being, I have to leave yoga 15 minutes early to change out of my sweaty clothes and drive the 15-20 minutes to school, so there’s no stopping home. I usually only do this on Thursdays now. I did it on both Tuesday and Thursday for a while this term, but stopped because it makes me feel like a madwoman and I get tired really early on at school. One day a week is more reasonable, and this way, I can enjoy a quiet morning on Tuesdays, in my robe, eating breakfast and sipping hot tea. Mornings are just the sweetest.
  2. Educating others or giving my two cents in nutrition class when the opportunity is appropriate. Spreading the good word, even if it’s in tiny bits n’ pieces!
  3. Learning and applying concepts from my analysis of movement class. This class is tough, but really important to understand. Our body, the machine…made for movement with its levers and pulleys, and muscle actions! It’s friggin’ cool.
  4. Listening to the radio in my late grandma’s car, on the drive to school. I look forward to this, regardless of traffic, etc. I listen to a local radio station that plays such a wide variety, but nothing super current, so I never know what I’m gonna get. Sometimes it’s 70s…sometimes 80s or 90s, or maybe early 2000s. I love it, especially the older stuff. I have a thing for oldies, especially 80s jams.
  5. A break in my day, which involves eating lunch at home, generally with Jesse. I’m in school from 8-12:50, but afterward, I get to drive home, eat lunch and have a little downtime before the next thing begins. Usually, Jesse gets home shortly after for a break too. We don’t always sit down and actually eat lunch together, but we have eachother’s company and it’s nice.
  6. Taking Jesse’s fun class, Primal Recess and then coaching class afterward at Recreate. Awesome environment, awesome people, and lots of fun and laughs. Work is fun!
  7. The feeling of a hard day’s work, and sitting down after a long day. It just feels good.

What are you grateful for on your really busy days? Do you slow down enough, mentally or physically, to enjoy it?


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